Álfr Bjarkan pendant: Fertile Forests Charity Draw

Álfr Bjarkan pendant: Fertile Forests Charity Draw

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A chance to win this sterling silver tree. An elven birch embracing a garnet core, complete with chain. Created & donated by Caledonian Forge for this special draw. 

For our Fertile Forests charity draw we've selected to raise funds for the conservation & restoration of one of Europe's last great forest wilderness: the ancient Carpathian Forest. Where the once endless trees are under threat from illegal logging.

You can help by making a donation on this item & in return you stand a chance of winning it in our charity draw. 

Each competition has a pre-set number of 'tickets' so you can see your chances and on July 31st will be drawn, even if they're not sold out. There is no limit on how many times you can enter & postal entries are accepted without charge, please email in to inquire about those. 

200 entries available!